Rabine prioritizes green initiatives and eco-friendly solutions across all of its businesses. Even our headquarters has been recognized for its innovative and sustainable features and practices. As leaders in many industries, we have the unique opportunity to find many areas in which we can prioritize eco-friendly solutions. Below are just some of the initiatives we have taken:

Recycled Material

Rabine is at the forefront of using as much recycled material on asphalt paving projects as possible. We push to take millings to manufacturing plants where they use additives in order to reuse some of the asphalt.

In 2022 Rabine received an award from Missouri Asphalt Paving Association for a project in which we installed 100% recycled asphalt binder into the parking lot. Processes such as Recycle in Place will continue to grow within our industry as we learn more about how we can keep old material out of landfills.


Parking Lot Management

Another way to reduce the amount of material used is by building quality parking lots that will have long life expectancies and by encouraging our customers to do preventative maintenance. This will push the need for having to mill any material for as long as possible. 


LEED Certified Building

The Rabine headquarters is one of the first LEED certified Existing Buildings in Schaumburg. The 100,000 square foot facility in Schaumburg earned its LEED certification for Existing Buildings in 2012. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) notified Rabine of their certification, just in time for the Rabine Grand Opening. 

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED certification provides a third party verification that the building uses strategies aimed at achieving environmental health, sustainability, water savings, energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. The Rabine team made a variety of changes to its building to make it environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The Pavement and Roofing Design Centers contributed to the energy savings of the headquarters.

The Pavement Design Center has various pavement types, many of them are environmentally friendly. The pervious concrete and porous asphalt filter stormwater through the pavement, reducing stormwater pollution. UltraLot Whitetopping is another green pavement that reduces the need for parking lot lighting and also minimizes the urban heat island effect, which allows for less energy to be used when heating and cooling the building.

The Roofing Design center includes Solar Roof Technologies, which should reduce building’s total energy consumption by 5%. Another part of the roof that is good for the environment is the Vegetative Garden Roof. This is an area of roof made up of plants and vegetables.

Rabine recognizes ISO 26000 as a reference to provide guidance for our businesses social responsibility with respect to our operations, growth, employees, partners, and communities.

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